Our Voice


Over two summers, a group of women living in Tower Hamlets, came together to tell stories of their lives through photography, film and radio. Challenges like the cost-of-living crisis, mental health issues and poor-quality housing are part of their narrative, but overwhelming they wanted to tell the story of community and opportunity in Tower Hamlets.


Together they created one short film, two podcasts, a photographic exhibition, and a publication.


Hawa Adam, Shukri Afrah Hussain, Jaba Begum, Jahanara (Jay) Begum, Maroua Ben Ameur, Kadija Bobetta Conteh, Amel Daoud, Fateha (Tia) Majid, Saida El Miloua, Tia Rodda


Tower Hamlets, Mindful Photo Lab


Audio Recording (02’54’’), Photography and Audio Recording (02’37’’), Short Film (04’01’’), Podcast, (20’53’’ and 7’16’’)