Collaborative filmmaking

We help people tell their stories and connect with each other through our collaborative filmmaking process.

About our workshops

  • What we offer

    Collaborative filmmaking courses for charities working with groups facing complex social, political, economic and educational challenges. Our collaborative filmmaking courses train people in filmmaking skills and deliver positive social impact, demonstrated in a powerful short documentary film that will raise awareness and can be used to influence policy.

  • Our approach

    Our courses combine skills learning with a therapeutic approach that focuses on the empowerment of our participants. Participants will learn how to use a camera, record sound, develop a narrative structure, direct and shoot a film.

  • Why filmmaking

    The training process helps participants reflect, document and communicate some of their experiences as well as gain new skills and grow in confidence. Once produced, the film can then be used by the charities to showcase their work, share the experience of their beneficiaries and raise the profile of their organisation.

  • Duration

    Our courses vary in length and intensity depending on the demands and requirements of our partner organisation and clients group. Previous projects have run from 2 weeks to 6 months.

  • How to get involved

    If you’ve got an idea that you’d like to talk about or you’d just like some advice, then get in touch by email or phone.