Collaborative filmmaking

We believe in the power of  collaborative filmmaking to empower groups facing complex social, economic and educational challenges.

We invite people to be part of the filmmaking process through our inclusive documentary production process. The short films they make aim to raise awareness, break down social stigmas and give audiences insight into a different human perspective.

About our workshops

  • How to get involved

    We partner with different charities and NGO’s both national and international for the delivery of our courses. We don’t exclude any community groups and strongly believe that anyone can make a film regardless of age or physical ability.

  • Our approach

    We bring people together who face similar challenges and teach them how to use a camera, record sound, develop a narrative structure, direct and shoot a film. The training process helps participants reflect, document and communicate some of their experiences as well as gain new skills, grow in confidence and build social networks.

  • Why filmmaking

    We believe that the presence of a camera can act as a cathartic tool, offering a release, and giving people the opportunity to re-think their own truths. As a result of this process they gain a sense of accomplishment, which leads to an increase in confidence and self-worth.

  • Duration

    Our courses vary in length and intensity depending on the demands and requirement of both our partner organisations and the client group. However, our aim is to have a lasting impact and establish long-term peer to peer networks.